Breeze of Optimism

Hope, possibility, taking small actions.

About Me


Maiko Natsukawa:

I have many good stories to tell. But I will write a little about the difficulties I went though, because it will begin to explain how this blog came about, and why I share this big question, “how did we end up here?”


I started writing blog in process of recovering from a series of experience I went though in 2012- 2013;  I studied hypnotherapy /psychotherapy with a “government accredited” training provider in Australia, and walked away with some extensive damage and loss. I would be forever grateful for those who stood by me through the time. And I will remember those who left me, and those who blamed me for the experience.

Time allowed me to regain myself from the initial confusion and other immediate difficulties, and I thought I returned to a ‘normal’ life. However in the late 2015, I came to find that I was suffering from false memories as a result of those experience in 2012-2013. I realised while writing a blog post that the memory I believed to be my own were not consistent with individual incidents I recalled; so I begun tracing things back to reveal what I believed to be my ‘past’ were far from the possible truth. I lived believing this false memory for more than 2 years counting from the time I attended the courses conducted by this Australian “government accredited” training provider; with an unusual conviction that I had a terrible childhood and that I was somewhat a broken individual with some serious flaws; what flaw exactly I did not even know, but I was certain that I was broken. None of those were real, but I believed it.


Memory is memory. Though I am now aware that all were false memory, those imposed sense of ‘wrongness’ have formed a part of my memory; which means that I no longer have an access to my original memory in ways it used to be before the interference.

Had I turned to a psychiatrist at the time, I assume that I would have received diagnosis and put on medication. But I did not, because I refused to be diagnosed with something that would have labelled me with a name of an illness; many of which were deemed incurable, only to be managed for the rest of my life. I experienced for a period what it was like to be suicidal, and what did not kill me only made me stronger in time. I learned to manage those disabling symptoms with the guidance from Dr Robert McNeilly in Tasmania.

Three things - Buddha

The education provided by this “government accredited” training provider was fraud. It did not deliver what had promised and left me with a falsified transcript. No refund was given for this course. I walked away with false memory. Trainer repeatedly vilified Japanese culture in class, while in knowledge that I was from Japan. Trainer was using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EQ (emotional intelligence quotient), to emotionally drive the class up and down; to gain control and to install some unusual beliefs in students. The trainer made sexual suggestions. Threats and intimidation were used against me, for making complaints to the authorities, and defamatory comments against me were exchanged between professional bodies and the training provider. The training provider wrote, “Maiko publicly announced during the course that she had to change her name and migrate to Australia to escape from a cult”, in their response to a communication from the Australian Human Rights Commission; and the human rights commission took this abuse and other falsified documentation as an acceptable response to their inquiries without verifying the truthfulness or accuracy, and recorded those in their system. The training provider continues false and misleading advertisement across their many websites to this day, and that is merely how they drive their next prays into the trap. And while the education authorities and the appropriate ministers of Australia are made aware of the situations, in mid 2016 present, the same people are still operating as a “government accredited” training provider in NSW Australia. The perpetuator also continues to practice as an unregistered health care practitioner (legal practitioner with little legal responsibility).

But this is not where my story ends.

Helln Keller - optimism is

Breeze of Optimism emerged from my struggles and the determination to stick with love, because we all have an ability to live in dignity. Breeze of Optimism is here to quietly promote hope, possibility, taking small actions; it is about stepping towards consciousness, feeling the gentle breeze as you go about your life.

I refused to let Australia, the country I had spent 8 years+ to achieve a permanent residency, to disappoint me. I refused to let the figures of greed walk away un-noticed from their wrong-doings. I refused to let my world turn into some turmoil forever, just because somebody almost killed me. I have been there, and I am no longer afraid.


While I will not give the perpetuators the pleasure by mentioning their names in public, I quietly suspect that they will leak their identity in their own shortcomings; wrong doers are never completely smart. I will let them prove that. You should then see how the devils are always eloquent and convincing, and you will see that the darkness WILL dissolve in light.


So here I am.

I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Myself. – Exodus 19:4

I live a good life, humble, just the way I want it. I am re-affirmed that I was brought up blessed; grew up in full knowledge of my rights, values, and in awareness that I could live my life however I wanted from an early stage of my life. I am glad to have barricaded those people whom, I unfortunately encountered in the names of Australian “government accredited” education, whom belonged to the dark side of the Universe. And I am relieved that I did not belong there or with those people. What I experienced was way too much wrongness in such short period of my life, but it confirmed a direction in which I would never proceed. And sometimes you just find a better path because of that.


If the world is the reflection of what we are, then it might be worth taking a look at the way we are.


Let us discuss something delightful and pleasant from here on. Let’s think about eating healthful food. Let us be enchanted by the stories of nature and animals. Let’s listen to some music. Let’s be available to hear the whispers of the wind.

Let’s talk about living a gentle life, caring about what really matters. Life is never going to be perfect. But if we could remember that we are still alive, I guess that we are already doing very well. Here is to all the true champions out there. It would be lovely to chat with you sometime.

With love and breeze,